Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tip Toes

One of my favorite stores in the area is Tip Toes. They have some of the cutest clothes and "one of a kind" finds. Every month they choose a new child to feature in their newsletters. The child of the month gets 25% off their purchases all month long! I have been meaning to bring a picture of Emerson to display on their board, but whenever I am in the store, I find myself pictureless...until the other day!

I submitted Emerson's picture, only to find out that on the day you submit your child's picture, you get 15% off all your purchases! I wish I had known that BEFORE I made my selections! That piece of information would have made it easier to justify buying more cute stuff. Now I have just another excuse to go back. If you're in the Holland area, be sure to check out Tip Toes!

This is the picture of Emerson that I submitted. See if you can locate it on the Tip Toes board below!


Katie, Kevin and kids said...

Isn't that a fun deal. Every time I go in to buy a diaper I'm remided to grab a picture for next time, but keep forgetting. I think it is funny that you took a picture of the board:)

Shelby, Patrick and Kids said...

That is so neat, I enjoyed looking through the store at Tulip Time. I love the hat Emerson is wearing in this picture. I also think it is funny that you took a picture of the board, good thinking - I wouldn't have thought to do that.

Jenny said...

That sounds like a fun store! Your little girl is adorable!

Kim said...

I love Tip Toes! It has so many neat things, I can never leave Holland without stopping in. :)

I would love to make a wet bag for you. Just let me know what you were thinking, I can make one the same as mine, or bigger or smaller. And, if you want to choose different fabric, we could meet up at Fields. Just let me know. Thanks!