Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From the Outside Looking In

For a long time now, our goal was to sell the condo and then sell the house, thus being able to buy a bigger and better house. After assessing the market, we have decided to stay put in our current house for a while longer. So, after I started thinking about it as "our house" again, I started dreaming about what project I could undertake to make the house prettier (my words, not my husband's).

After a little convincing, I was given the clearance to put up a window box in the front window. Much to my dismay, this turned out to be quite a complicated project. Fortunately for me, my parents jumped in to help. My mom found the window box for 40% off and she and I went to a local garden and found flowers for 50% off! While we were flower shopping, my dad and my husband tackled the task of hanging the box. Lots of math calculations went into the process to get it hung just right!

My mom helped place the different flowers artistically....something she truly has a gift for. If it were left to me, I would have just clumped them in there!

I am so pleased with the finished product. I think it gives our house much more curb appeal and it makes me happy to see fun flowers there now. Bonus: We can see the tops of the flowers from the inside also!


One Lucky Girl said...

Annie, While reading your recent entry I noticed the post from Monday. Tomorrow my 'little one' will turn 25 years old. I have a picture that looks similar of Ris playing in a kiddie pool just like yours. Enjoy every single day they fly by with the blink of an eye. I never thought I would say that, but it's so true. I love your blog it takes me back to a wonderful time in my life. Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation.

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

Window box looks great. Too bad we aren't able to do a "drive by" to see it on your crazy street;)