Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two Calls

Lots has happened over the last week. While Jeremy was gone, I spent some time at my mom's house and my dad came to stay with me for a couple days. During my dad's stay we got so much accomplished! We fixed a spot on our kitchen wall, painted the upstairs bathroom, frosted the bathroom window and hung new curtains in the living room.

I had two surprise phone calls on from our realtor and one from my college friend, Jen. The realtor asked if we'd be willing to close sooner than planned and my friend Jen wondered if she could stay with me while passing through town. The answer to both questions was an excited "Of course!".

Jen ended up staying for two nights and it was great fun. I haven't seen her in three years and we had a wonderful time catching up.

As for the closing, we scrambled to get the condo cleaned out and our closing fees in order. Yesterday was the big day...we no longer own a condo! We are now in the process of putting the finishing touches on our house and deciding when is the best time to put it in the market. We're excited for whatever may come next!


ABC and 123: A Learning Cooperative said...

How was Jen? I bet it was great to catch up a bit!

Stacey @ said...

Yay! I hope all goes well in getting the house ready to sell!