Monday, August 3, 2009

Finishing Touches

Jeremy and I have been busy freshening up our house...except for the living room, because, well frankly, it stumped us. It's a big enough room, but the configuration and the placement of the cable wire left us with few options. When my mom was up for a visit last weekend, she took a serious look and made some suggestions.

She suggested we run the cable up the opposite wall, changing the placement of well, everything! When running the cable up the other wall, we dealt with another dilemma. What to do about our existing TV? It was an older model, thus not fitting flush against the wall. Answer: buy a new TV. (The one Jeremy has been coveting for almost two years!)

So.....the finished product has the TV in a new "unit"and the couches against different walls. We are still looking for the last few finishing touches- namely a new end table that works better and some pictures and little mementos that make the unit feel more like home.

Old TV and stand.

The new unit, complete with a new 32 inch HD TV. :)


Charrie said...

Looks nice! We have wanted a HDTV for a long time too...and are still waiting. Maybe for Christmas!