Sunday, August 9, 2009

In a Blur.....

I woke up last weekend thinking, "It's August." I woke up this weekend thinking, "One month left." When you are a teacher like me, your whole world revolves around summer, Christmas and Spring Break. You plan, look forward to and count down. Then the big awaited event arrives and it passes in a blur.

This summer is the first summer with my daughter. In past years, I have laid around, gone to the beach, stayed up late and pretty much scheduled things at my leisure. Although this summer was different, I have enjoyed it so much! My life revolves around nap time and that's okay.

I hope I am able to sit back and enjoy these last couple weeks. The teacher in me really "kicks in" once August appears on the calendar. I plan to keep it at bay for as long as I possibly can. If you are a fellow teacher, you know what I mean.