Monday, September 14, 2009

School Days

Well, I survived the first week. Many ups and downs. I am trying to start off the second week refreshed from a great weekend and optimistic about all the potential my students are showing.

I want to just throw one thought out there: Who is raising your kids?

The last time I checked, the primary job of raising children should go to the parents. I do know there are many wonderful teachers out there that have many wonderful "mentoring" qualities.
However, teachers would have to be superhuman to tackle the job that sometimes lands in their laps. I hope that during the school year, teachers are able to do what they do best (teach!) and parents are able to do what they do best (parent!). Teachers would be no where without the support of parents. Now.....if everyone would just work together!


Christina said...

Amen sista! Maria just started kindergarten and I would love to read about your thoughts on how we can support her teacher. I think her job must be so hard that I want to support her as much as I can. I think there are some obvious things but what might I be missing??