Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back At It

Tomorrow life returns to "normal". I head back to school, Jeremy's back at work and Emerson will be reunited again with her daycare friends.

For some reason this year, I am not dreading the thought of the break ending. I had a wonderful two weeks--complete with TONS of Emerson time as well as time with friends and family.

This is usually the stretch of the year that is the hardest. Because of the weather, I don't have the opportunity to travel to see my family as much as I would like. The lack of sunshine really does bring me down as well as the winter blah's in general.

This year, I am trying to accept the things I can not change. For right now at least, I have to work. These past months, I have really not enjoyed my job. I know though, going into second semester, that I need a more positive attitude. Part of me is anxious to go back and tackle some things at work. I have some new ideas that I am excited to try!

Every year Jeremy and I come up with a list of 10 things we want to work on or accomplish in the coming year. Our versions of resolutions. This year, as well countless others, one of my goals is to work on my patience. As a younger person, I would not have said this was ever a problem for me, but I know it is now. Sometimes my lack of patience is downright scary.

So, in the new year......

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

--Reinhold Niebuhr