Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dinnertime Drama

The only real parenting issue that we've had a hard time with so far has been food. Even early on, we had a hard time getting Emerson to take a bottle. The battle with food has continued. Emerson is a picky eater and she's also a "love it for a moment" eater. Her likes and dislikes concerning food seem to change by the day. Chicken nuggets for lunch on Monday--loved them. Offer them again Wednesday--screw up her face and scream in disgust. Dinnertime often requires lot of patience as well as a the use of the broom and mop!

This is the look we get when headed into mealtime.

Followed closely afterward by kicking, flailing about and clamping her mouth shut, depending on the meal.

After some bargaining, usually involving chips, Emerson will eat her meal with much coaxing. There are lots of hugs and kisses afterward.


Charrie said...

Been there, done that...twice and the second child was the WORST eater ever! Keep the faith, it does get better eventually. My kids have made a lot of progress now at 3 and 5. Remember that they say that you have to offer a new food several times before a kid will except it? Well, Ethan didn't eat any vegetables for almost a year but I kept offering them and now they are one of his favorite things! I never would have expected that! When he had occupational therapy for his eating problems (yes, he was in therapy, it was that bad) the therapist said to have the kid kiss the new food, then lick it and then put in their mouth and spit it out if they wanted to slowly help them get used to it, praising their efforts. Between 1-2 1/2 is definately the worst time, don't worry so too much, most kids do just grow out of it no matter what you do.