Sunday, October 31, 2010


I have been quite absent from the blogging world for a while. No excuse really...just enjoying the season with my family. Instead of writing pages and pages catching you up, I will toss out the highlights instead---complete with photos, of course!

We had to make a couple of final trips to Captain Sundae before it closed for the season. Maybe next year Em will have grown a little in order to give this Popsicle a run for its money.

Emerson has spent some quality time playing in the leaves. She loves it, much to Jeremy's dismay. (He is the one on clean-up duty!)

I went to my ten-year college reunion last weekend. My sorority did things a little differently this year, and children were allowed at one of the morning activities. Emerson was pretty excited about going to "Hope College" and seeing some of mommy's friends.

This was the first year we carved pumpkins with Em and she ended up loving it. Putting her hand inside and fishing out the goo was her favorite part!

We carved pumpkins with our wonderful neighbors. This is the only pose that leaves both girls sitting still for a shot---they call it their "funny face". (Em's pumpkin is on the left. A lot of the credit goes to Jeremy for being very patient during this venture.)

Emerson has been obsessed lately with everything naturally when asked what she wanted to be for Halloween, it was an obvious choice. (She did have a ladybug costume for earlier in the day that she wanted to wear too!) Em did great with her first real Trick-or-Treating experience. After Emerson was done, she had a good time handing out candy on our porch with Jeremy.....too wound to go to bed!

October went by in a blur, but I did remember to take time to enjoy the sun, the beautiful changing colors and my family. I just hope in November, that I have more time to write it all down!