Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Big Hole

Last weekend, when the torrential rains hit, we were at my mom's house in Chicago. The storms hit there first, mainly with lots of high wind damage, and then proceeded to pummel the lakeshore with gallons and gallons of rain. We were one of the lucky houses, only a little bit of water(enough that a couple beach towels soaked it up). However, our street was not so lucky. There is a creek that runs under our street about three houses down. Needless to say, with the deluge of water, the creek overflowed (under the street!) and caused the road to break. All that is left is a huge hole filled with sand, trees and gravel. Since Friday, we have had many visitors walking down our street just to get a better look. We have also had news crews parked by the hole, and LOTS of people ignoring the "road closed" signs and trying to drive down our street anyways. The road is closed for a reason!!!


Shelby, Patrick and Kids said...

oh my! I had heard that a street caved in but hadn't seen it. That is crazy but I am so glad to hear you did not have much water in your basement.

Hope you are enjoying summer!