Saturday, June 13, 2009

We'll Take It!

When I met my husband, we each had our own places. Jeremy owned a studio condo and I owned a three bedroom house. So naturally, when we got married, he moved into my house. Since then, the condo has had a couple renters and has been on and off the market for about two years.

Anyone who knows us, knows that we do not love being landlords. We have wanted, almost more than anything, to sell the condo. It has been on the top of our prayer lists for a LONG time. Each time we have a showing, we cross our fingers and enlist friends and family to pray. Each time we get that phone call telling us what the potential buyer thought was wrong with the place. Until Thursday..........

We got a phone call from our wonderful realtor with an offer!!! It was almost too good to be true. The couple really liked it and even put down earnest money. Talk about a weight off our shoulders. We should close by August.

I have tried to take everything in stride these last couple years. However, I must say, I have definitely learned a little more about the saying "in His time". Sometimes it's so hard to let go and give it to God. Lesson learned!

We are excited to now look towards the next step for us.....putting our house on the market sometime soon! We have dreams of a little more space for our growing family. (I have dreams of a playroom for Emerson!)


Stacey @ said...

Congrats on selling the condo!!! And thanks for popping over at my blog. I've got yours in my reader now!