Friday, October 2, 2009

Standing Still

As Emerson approaches her first birthday, all that I can ever think about is how fast the last year flew by. I remember exactly where I was last year at this time.....eagerly awaiting the birth of my daughter.

Emerson continues to amaze me everyday. She is working on standing up and part of me can't wait for her to figure everything out and take her first steps. The other part of me wants to keep her a little baby--at least for a little while longer!!

This weekend we embark on what I call "Birthday Central". Emerson has a party with Jeremy's family and some close friends this weekend and next weekend we are off to Chicago to to celebrate with my family. After that we have my mom's birthday, my birthday, and then all of Jeremy's sister's as well as my sister have birthday's in the weeks that follow. Lots of birthday parties to say the least!

Emerson showing off her skills.

It seems so strange to me that all the months that I was pregnant seemed to slowly drag by, yet the minute Emerson arrived, things shifted into warp speed. It is my goal each day to try and make the little things count. I hope to never take the days for granted. I don't want to miss a thing!


Shelby, Patrick and Kids said...

It speeds up even more with each additional child. It really is true that you have to stop and enjoy the small things because, as you are finding, they go by much to fast.